Employee Development has multiple aspects to it and there is so much to write about. I am sure HR leaders are doing a lot and will be doing a lot more in the coming year. I have tried to list down some points that can help complement their Learning and Development strategies.

There is also a cultural aspect that influences the way we learn – a significant lot do find it difficult to learn skills through online classes. With the #physicaldistancing norms, it will be a challenge to conduct classroom training or workshops soon. The #HRdynamics will change significantly for sure.

Creating a Culture of Data

In a world where companies – big or small have invested big money in multiple systems – ERP, CRM, POS, Social Media, Sales Force Automation, etc. to collect data, very few have a strong data-driven culture and data is rarely the universal basis for decision making.

Becoming truly data-driven requires changing mindsets, attitudes, and habits — embedding data into the identity of the organization. People have to want to use data and encourage others to do the same.