We have always felt strongly that recognition works. And we want it to work for others. We also believe it is the little things that boost engagement and your brand. Gratitude, as we say, is an ultimate performance enhancer, it drives performance. And we enable you to show your gratitude in re(fresh)ing and innovative ways, creating meaningful & memorable moments.

We have a zillion different, fun, innovative, interesting, awesomely cool ideas. Recognition ideas that tell stories, that are aspirational, that recipients will be proud to display and that have bragging rights ! And you could have a million more. Together, we will bring back the “WOW” to recognition.

Nothing makes us more happier than a Happi & Delighted Customer. Our guiding goal is very simple – How can we “WOW” you today? What can we do to “WOW” you today? We are The Happi At Work Team.