Tanmoy Bandyopadhyay, Co-Founder & COO at HAPPIATWORK

I had talked about how the Employee Life-Cycle processes #Recruitment-to-Retirement, #Recruit-to-Retire, #R2R, will evolve in the coming year.

I shared my views about how the #recruitment function may evolve in the coming year. Now I would like to talk about how #Onboarding may evolve with the changed #HRDynamics due to the #Covid pandemic.



It will be very interesting since Onboarding is all about connect – feeling the work culture, experiencing the work environment, knowing your team, your manager, subordinates, making friends, connecting with the support teams and so on.  Just the thought that it may all change now, due to the #socialdistancing norms, which I think should be called #physicaldistancing as its more to do with physical distance instead, sends our minds on a spin.

How will the connect happen?

Will it be possible to keep them engaged when they are offline?

Will it take more time to get them up to speed?

Well, we do not know as of now, and the answers may be different for different businesses. So, what should we be doing?

I have tried to list down some points that may help in increasing the Onboarding experience and help in better engagement with the #newhires.


  1. Automate the Onboarding Workflow


  1. Assign a Virtual Buddy


  1. Conduct Meet & Greet Video Meetings


  1. Capture Sentiments through 30/60/90-day pulse surveys


  1. Scheduled Manager Connect (1:1)


  1. Make Them Feel Welcome


    7. Keep the Enthusiasm and Spirits High


Next up…………Part 3: Employee Development

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