Award Category Description

The Pillars

Perpetual pillars are designed to acknowledge specific accomplishments or milestones.

Start with the base pillar and the cap which includes you company logo or any message. Every interlocking pillar representing a landmark or milestone event.

Delight Box

Imprinted with any of our designs or your chosen theme, each customized set can include practical and fun ideas that will make your new hires feel welcome or impress team members as well.

This appreciation gift – with accessories like pens, drink-ware, notebooks, totes, bags, coolers, stress relievers, and many more such ideas is sure to be valued, and go a long way.

Grow Green

The Green Challenge – something different and unique. The race to whose cubicle looks the most green.

Custom engraved “with your message” hard glass terrariums, with an opening at one side from which the plant can be placed inside. In attractive shapes – globes, pyramids, etc.

De”Light” Bulb

Reward creativity creatively! Encourage out of the box thinking & thinkers. Appreciate the innovators. Show them you are “de-lighted”. Works perfectly for Hackathons / Innovation Days as well.

Filled with fun, flavoured candy or jelly beans that screams “Your message”. A desktop item that makes all recipients swell in pride.

You are a Gem!

A gem of an idea. For all of those putting in superlative efforts, and going up and beyond – reward them with our special “You are a Gem” trophy.

Guaranteed to make anyone feel special, you could plan the Gem series (with multi coloured gems for different milestones). Make it a collectors’ special.

Gift Towers

Involving family members for an employee’s special accomplishments or milestones beats everything.

Think of various different ideas – Fruit Towers, Gift Towers, Chocolate Towers, and many more ideas – surprise your team members and their families at home.

The Pyramid

The Perpetual Pyramid Series award is a great way to tailor your award for special achievements.

A stunning blend of strength and elegance, the pyramid topper features a medallion of your choice/theme. The first base features your custom message to recognize their first milestone or achievement.