Effective Date: Jan 1, 2020


At Whappi Workplaces Private Limited (“Happiatwork”), your privacy is important to us. The purpose of this privacy statement is to let you know how we collect, use and disclose Personal Information, and to inform you of your rights with respect to such Personal Information. It is effective as of the Effective Date.




Happiatwork through its Happi platform(https://reap.happiatwork.com) enables its customers to aggregate diverse data from multiple sources and quickly create a new, actionable perspective on their business (the “Service”). The Service integrates with hundreds of data sources ranging from social media platforms to enterprise management services.




This Privacy Statement relates to “Personal Information”, meaning information about an identifiable individual, whether, for example, that individual is our Customer, or our Customer’s provisioned user or an individual whose information is part of Processed Data, as these terms are defined below. Whether a person is “identifiable” means that they can be identified by the information itself or by that information combined with other information reasonably available.


This Privacy Statement applies to Personal Information collected or managed by Happiatwork through the use of the Service. This Privacy Statement is also intended to explain how we use information which is not identifiable (and thus not Personal Information) that is collected via our website and service.

“Customer” refers to the customers of Happiatwork and their provisioned users.

“Customer Information” refers to information about our Customers and their provisioned users.

“Processed Data” refers to information that is processed by Happiatwork on behalf of our Customers through their use of the Service.

Happiatwork does not have a direct relationship with many of the individuals whose Personal Information is included in Processed Data, but this privacy statement is intended to provide information about how all Personal Information is collected, used, disclosed, processed and protected by Happiatwork.



When the Service is used by our Customers, we classify the Personal Information we collect, use and disclose into two main categories: The first is Personal Information included in Customer Information, and the second is Personal Information that is included in Processed Data. It is important to note that not all Customer Information or Processed Data is Personal Information, either because it relates to a company or a business, or it is not identifiable.



Happiatwork does not control what information a Customer chooses to include in Processed Data. Because we are unable to determine whether it is Personal Information or other information, we treat it as though it may be Personal Information but our Customers are entirely responsible for any Personal Information they choose to include in Processed Data. All Customers and their provisioned users should understand that data in Happiatwork can be exported, shared or displayed by a Customer or provisioned user. Customers and provisioned users are solely responsible for the use of such exported, shared or displayed data and for protecting it appropriately.



From our Customers, we only collect Customer Information that is necessary to establish and maintain the provision of the Service to them, as well as to understand and improve the usage and performance of the Service. When our Customers are corporations, as opposed to individuals, this information is not “Personal Information”. This Customer Information includes:

  • Customer name
  • Contact information, including postal and email addresses
  • Billing address
  • Billing details (as necessary for our internal accounting purposes and for processing payments through our contracted processing service)
  • Login information for authorized users, such as usernames and encrypted passwords
  • Information about how the Customer and its authorized users use the Service, including information about the Customer, location information, usage patterns and intended use of the Service.
  • Information provided by the Customer and its authorized users in connection with any support given by the Happiatwork team related to the Service.
  • Login information for third party integrations, such as usernames and encrypted passwords



Happiatwork does not use any identifiable Processed Data for its own purposes. Processed Data is only processed by Happiatwork on behalf of our Customers to provide them with the Service. Individual provisioned users whose Personal Information is contained in Processed Data should refer to the Customer’s privacy policy for an understanding of how Personal Information is collected, used, disclosed and otherwise processed by the Customer by use of the Service.



Happiatwork may share Personal Information with people within the company who have a “need to know” the information for business or legal reasons, for example, in order to carry out an administrative function, such as processing an invoice or supporting questions that you have submitted to Happiatwork. We may share Personal Information with third parties, including:

  • government and regulatory authorities, for example to respond to a legal request or comply with a legal obligation, in which case we will make reasonable efforts to give the relevant individual notice of the disclosure, provided we are able to identify the individual and are lawfully able to do so;
  • for the purposes of seeking legal or other professional advice;
  • suppliers of IT services and third service providers engaged by Happiatwork and
  • in the event that we sell, buy or merge any business or assets, including to the prospective seller or buyer of such business or assets and their respective professional advisers.



Pursuant to applicable law, you may have certain rights in relation to your Personal Information, including a right of access. If your Personal Information is a part of our Customer’s Processed Data, you should seek this access from the relevant Customer. If we control the Personal Information, we may require additional information to confirm your identity, which will only be used for that purpose.



Happiatwork may update this Privacy Statement from time to time. If it is updated, the effective date of the revision will be shown at the top of the Privacy Statement. In the event of a significant revision, Customers may receive notification by email or through the Service itself. All Personal Information collected after that revision date will be subject to the revised Privacy Statement.