Feedback is the breakfast of champions” – KEN BLANCHART

Feedback Provides Data for Business Decisions.

The feedback that you gather through surveys or other channels, provides tangible and reliable data that can be used in making strategic business decisions. The feedback from customers and employees can create long-lasting and mutually-profitable relationships, improve operations, and outperform the competition.

But before you can realize the potential of feedback, you need a means to translate that voice and those ideas into actions and informed business decisions with speed and confidence. With the right detailed analytics additional insights can be derived from the responses generated through the surveys. Each interaction is an opportunity to strengthen or weaken the relationship – to sell new products or services or solve employee problems, or fail in the attempt to do so.

Our Happi Feedback Platform enables you to run your custom surveys and also connect to data from your social media channels and other apps and combine the same into your own actionable and real-time dashboard for quick decision making.

Our surveys are custom-built over the world’s best survey platform – Lime Survey. It allows you run token based surveys that helps in a much rigorous and insightful analysis of data. Our surveys are multi-lingual (80+ Indian and International Languages supported), support multiple question types (25+ types of questions), can handle complex logic (response based questions, branching, looping etc), and can be run both in online and offline mode.

Be it a #NPS or #EmployeeSurvey or #Benchmarking or #Feedbackforms or #CSAT or #Pulsesurveys or #surveykiosks or any other feedback capturing mechanism, we have it ALL covered.

Research data shows that your Customers and Employees expect to be heard and to be interacted with, and those interactions heavily influence loyalty and retention. Being proactive helps strengthen the relationships and this is a very strategic investment for any company.

Ready to have your own feedback survey?