The market is filled with BI solution vendors who don’t stop at selling a comb to a bald man, they go to the extent of selling a hair care package along with it. We have heard numerous stories from our prospects and customers who have invested significant amount of money and time in a BI solution that they no longer use or are looking for alternatives.

Also, with the plethora of BI tools on the market and the various ways that they are packaged, beginning the selection process can be quite confusing.

Keeping the customers business needs in mind we have partnered with 2 of the world’s best BI dashboard platforms.

What made us partner them?

Every company is unique and has its own particular business requirements. It’s never one-size-fits-all.  What works for a large Enterprise may not work for an MSME. The business model may be different, the data sizes are different, the available IT infrastructure is different, the skills available within the organization are different and most of all the available capex or budget for implementing a BI dashboard solution is different.

Keeping this in mind and having catered to both Large and MSME enterprises the below differentiators stood out when we compared them with other BI solutions in the market. 

ROI – Both platforms offer flexible pricing for user licences and platform usage. These plans cover the need of an organization with one single user to organizations who may want to deploy dashboards to a very large audience.

Ease of use – This is a strong indicator of how quickly and how systematically a new solution will be adopted into your organization, thus determining your ROI. Both these platforms offer a simple intuitive user interface which allows the user to quickly grasp the features. Simplicity is the key.

Time to go-live – Some BI tools are very complex to implement taking ages to go-live and thereby losing the true value that they provide. We ensure a quick go-live with the help of these tools.

Deployment – You can choose from Cloud or On-premise deployment options as per your Organization needs.

Data Security – Protecting customers data was a top priority for us. Both platforms use multiple safeguards to protect this information and are constantly monitoring and improving their products and services.

Feature list – Exhaustive feature lists include – 100+ connectors, Interactive visual analysis, Data drill downs, Forecasting, Data alerts, AI assistance, TV Display etc.

Ready To Build Your Dashboards?