About Happi Surveys

Built on top of the Lime Survey platform, Happi Surveys has advanced features for handling logic including conditional branching, validation, randomization, looping, etc.

With the flexibility of more than 25 question types, different font types & sizes, custom layouts, visually appealing and intuitive forms – it supports more than 80+ Indian and international languages. Happi Surveys also enables you to take the survey in an offline mode & upload it whenever the network is available.

Why Happi Surveys

Whether you are creating a short employee engagement pulse survey or a sophisticated customer survey campaign with complex validation rules and conditional logic – capturing CSAT or NPS, Happi Surveys equips you with everything that you need to get going.

Happi Surveys provides all the features you need to conduct effective and efficient market research surveys – whether you are gauging market opportunities, or measuring brand awareness or understanding your target audience – you can achieve your survey goals quickly & easily.

Our Survey Services

Happi Surveys ensures one thing for sure – it makes your survey programs/campaigns look really good!

We manage all aspects of your survey program – from start to finish: designing the perfect survey, uploading & managing your contacts, invitations and reminders to all respondents, and most importantly – the integrity and security of your data.

Actionable Dashboards

Happi Surveys gives you the ability to view the survey results in near real-time, see all your data visualized in appropriate charts, as well as the facility to share results with the right people across your organisation.

Most importantly, you no longer need to wait for weeks to get access to your results and you have all of your data in one place for your analysis. Happi Surveys helps you tell the story of your survey data with clear and intuitive dashboards – it can’t get easier than this.

Ready To Build Your Surveys?